Magazine ‘Garrard World’

Original colour magazine published by Garrard published in October 1971.

Highlighting the latest models, especially the launch of the Zero 100 for which Garrard won many awards.

It lists the people at the forefront of the company, as well as their sales reps.

Names are:

G Bowden – General Manager

V L Parrett – General Sales Manager

H L Riseley – Export Sales Manager

R E Poulton – UK Sales Manager

G J Thompson-Gordon – General Manager, Manufacturing

A W Say – Technical Marketing Manager

R Fox – Quality Assurance Executive

J W Mermagen – Marketing Services Manager

D J L Fairbairn – Publicity Manager

P M Short – Sales Office Manager

R H Crampton – Sales Service Manager

K J Slade – USA and Canada Account Executive

A Hodey, R T Gwinnett, G Gadson and S F Bond, all Sales Representatives.

Highlights also Garrard’s quality control, the way the firm recovered from the fire that had devastated their factory at over “£5000 a minute”, the awards the company had received worldwide and the Parts Department and stock facilities.

A great insight into their activity in the very early 70’s.

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