good-it’s Garrard Price list with list of models

An original list from August 1968 where Garrard showcase all the models of all makes and models of Hi-Fi equipment available in Britain that had Garrard turntables on their units. Including Prices!

To list:

Radiograms Record Players Unit Audio Systems
Alba 4007 Alba 448 Arena
Bush SRG 129 Alba 449 Ferguson 3340
Bush SRG 132 Alba 559 Klinger Controls KC.23
Bush SRG 138 Arena GFT 22 Klinger Controls KC.24
Decca SRG 747 Regency Arena GFT 1225 Klinger Controls KC.25
Decca 747 Queen Anne Bush SG 55/W Klinger Controls KC.32
Decca SRG 727 Teak Bush SRP 51 L. L. Electronics LL.4000
Decca SRG 727 Rosewood Dansette Oxford L. L. Electronics LL4000M
Defiant DG 246 Dansette Conquest L. L. Electronics LL4000FM
Dynatron Hambledon RG53 Walnut Dansette Prince L. L. Electronics LL4000M FM
Dynatron Regent RG49 Mahogany Dansette Regina Medley Musical 1625
Dynatron Albany RG50 Mahogany Decca Capri Medley Musical 1660
Dynatron Savoy RG54 Mahogany Dynatron Cordova GR 14 Medley Musical 3012
Dynatron Berkeley RG48 Teak Dynatron GR 14 M Peak Sound SA.8-8
Dynatron Berkeley RG48 Walnut Dynatron Mazurka HFC 6 Perdio Unit Audio
Dynatron Copenhagen RG55 Walnut Dynatron P 60 Teak Radon 404
Dynatron Copenhagen RG55 Teak Dynatron P80 Teak Shore Radio
Dynatron Oslo RG51 Teak Dynatron P 25 Teak Stereosound A
Dynatron Oslo RG51 Walnut Elizabethan 40 T Stereosound C
Dynatron Edinburgh RG46 Teak Fidelity HF 36 Stereosound 88
Dynatron Edinburgh RG46 Walnut Fidelity HF 37 Van Der Molen TP.1G
Dynatron Windsor RG47 Teak Hacker Radio Gondolier GP 42/30 Van Der Molen Sonic Seventy
Dynatron Windsor RG47 Walnut Hacker Radio Gondolier GP 42/25 Wye Electronics 500
Dynatron Burlington RG52 Mahogany Hacker Radio Rambler GP 19 Wyndsor Recording 1500S
Dynatron Henley RG56 Teak HMV 2400 Stereomaster
Dynatron Henley RG56 Walnut HMV 2403 Stereomaster
Dynatron Beaufort RG57 Walnut Marconiphone 4403
Dynatron Geneva HFC4 Teak Murphy A.854 SG
Dynatron Geneva HFC8a Teak Perdio P 20
Dynatron Geneva HFC8m Teak Portadyne RP.21
Dynatron Savoy HFC7 Mahogany Portadyne RPM.8
Dynatron Hambledon HFC5 Walnut Radon Opus 1 8T4
Ferguson 3356 Shore Radio P.11
Ferguson 3400 Shore Radio AB.82
Hacker Radio RG200 Shore Radio AB.T47
Hacker Radio RG300 Shore Radio Educational
HMV 2336 Stereosound 1600 RP
HMV 2340
HMV 2400 Wye Electronics 500
KB KGO Wye Electronics RP.70
Murphy A.893SR Wyndsor Recording 1025 M
Murphy A.894 SR
Murphy A.895 SR
Portadyne TRG28
Pye 1213
Stereosound AMG
Stereosound 2000
Stereosound President
Stereosound 1600 R.G.

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