Garrard Gramophone Equipment Brochure (Red)

Original brochure from the 1940’s showcasing the complete range of Record Changers, Turntables, Gramophone Motors, Gramophone movements, Pickup Heads, Adaptors, Record Spindles, Stylus Gauge, Pick-Up Transformers, Tonearms, etc

15 pages of valuable information, including a price list of the time. Base colour = Red


  • Model RC80
  • Model R.C. 75A
  • Model T
  • Model 20 Spring Gramophone Motor
  • Model 30 Spring Gramophone Motor
  • Model 10B Spring Gramophone Motor
  • Model 201B/5 Electric Gramophone Motor
  • Model A.C.6
  • Model U.5
  • Miniature Low Impedance Pick-Ups
  • Standard Magnetic Pick-Up
  • High Fidelity Magnetic Pick-Up
  • Astatic Turnover Crystal Pick-Up
  • Turnover Magnetic Pick-Up
  • Miniature Magnetic Pick-Up
  • Arm Adaptors
  • Large Record Spindle
  • Stylus Pressure Gauge
  • Centre Hole Adaptor
  • Pick-Up Transformer
  • Pick-Up Arm units
  • Replacement Styli

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