Garrard – Renowned The World Over – 1954

Original Garrard Foldout brochure, including Retail Price List, showcasing the range of turntables and accessories available at the time.


Spring Motors Models 20, 30 and 10B

Pickup Arm PA4 plus various adaptors, pick-up heads and cartridges such as the GC.2 and GCE3.

Accessories Like the LRS or this one, to use on the R.C.75A, R.C.80 and R.C.90 changers plus the LRS2 designed for the RC.110 and RC.111. The Stylus Pressure Gauge, like this one, and the Centre Hole Adaptor, also like this one.

Units such as the RC.80M, RC.110 plus RC.111 (with plug-in pickup-head) and the RC.90 which included speed adjustment.

Price List from September 1954

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